BUYK - Bharat Udey Yug Kranti, the Indian reformist non-violent, revolution 2014 is calling you to take a stand for the betterment of government system in India. This is important for all of us, who believe in a corruption free government system. Since the time of British Raaj in India, the local political leaders formed parties to pitch their voices to British Empire for the sake of their socio-political motives. After India got freedom from British colonial rule, Indians dreamt of having a Puran Swaraj i.e the true democratic government system in India. But to misfortune of India, the instruments of Government system were hijacked by a nexus of businessmen, Politicians and Parties. The unified vision of a free state was lost with the emergence of Political Party based electoral system in India. Now with the advancement in information technology and with efforts of some aware citizens through the RTI mode, the people of India has come to know, how their resources and money is being looted by politicians all these years. The root cause of this type of corruption is the very basic idea of partisan politics.
When we are already divided in our visions and motives, how come we expect a social and economic uniform growth of our nation as a whole? That is why the time has come now, that we should get rid of the political party system in India. This can be achieved at the end of voters. Like there was non-cooperation movement stated by Mahatma Gandhi to free India, from the colonial rule of Britishers, same way "We The People of India" have to abolish Political Party system in India. Lets pledge, not to cast our vote to any candidate who contests election under the banner of any political party.

— Jai Hind, Jai Bharat !!

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